Welcome to MarFon Internet Services [MFIS] (Inh. Ingmar S. Horn)
"The only way, is marway!" -- Slogan from IRC Dev. & Admin Bokamosho

About us

Founded in 2001 by a few university friends and  international partners, Marway created Silverstone Networking gradually  but steadily turned into a leading web hosting service provider. With  only a handful of people working from their houses in the beginning,  today the company has more than thousand users and is constantly  growing, rich of experience and strong for its long presence in the  sector. We process quickly tickets, receive phone calls and chat  requests per day never leaving some of our customer behind.

Web hosting is our craft. Latest speed technologies are our passion.
Unique security solutions are our specialty.
Amazing technical support is our pride.
More than the usual hosting company we ‘re a brotherhood of connected peers, friends, users.

Our mission is to serve few but high quality partners,
assisting them in their goals of service and daily results on the net,
including assistance on marketing strategies
in perpetual combination with the latest media and general trends.

At last not least, protecting our customers with a wide full range of tools,
constant monitor research and timely support incident.


MarFon Internet Services

vaxima@arcor.de or vaxima@marfon.net